LINUX Training

Preparing Individuals for Information Career Technologies & Linux Certification
For Low-Income Individuals With Barriers to Employment.


  • Certification: Linux (Linux Professional Institute™).
  • Preparation for self-paced learning: teach participants to obtain additional technical certifications at their own pace without personal instruction.
  • Job readiness: network administration, including support for mixed platform workstations and servers, Internet gateways, firewalls, proxies, and awareness of automation techniques and peripherals. Support for mixed platform workstations and servers.


  • 12 hours/week for 11 weeks(8 hours/week for 14 weeks.)
  • Cohort/closed enrollment models.
  • Preparation and practice for single part Linux certification test.
  • Linux (Linux Professional Institute™, Comp ITA) exams taken at end of programs.
  • Fee based tuition, scholarships provided to low income individuals.
  • Job placement assistance.


  • Contract with experienced training providers to conduct training program
  • “Home” organization may conduct outreach, assessment, enrollment & career placement, with consult for training services.
  • Higher literacy level (10th grade) may be required of clients.
  • Spanish-speaking (or other language) instructor explains English curriculum and concepts in the second language, or teaches entirely in the second language.


  • Computer repair technician (A+, MCDST, Network+) certification; comparable experience with computer troubleshooting and repair may be accepted.
  • Basic computer literacy (IC3 Certification) may be required.
  • Education/literacy: 10th grade reading level.
  • Dexterity.
  • Basic technical competency (ability to handle tools, small parts; ability to use mouse and keyboard.)
  • Commitment to job placement after training.


For clients

  • 14 week commitment.
  • Classroom based learning environment.
  • High level of computer understanding (A+, MCDST, Network+ Certification.)
  • Complex testing requirements.
  • Training time unpaid.

For the organization

  • Facility and technical equipment
  • Training location that accommodates one computer per student
  • Technical hardware infrastructure required for lab exercises
  • Technically skilled instructors
  • Support necessary to complete enrollment and testing
  • After-hours support for evening classes
  • Job placement support and job market that can accommodate mid level technical positions


  • Minimum class: 8 hours/week for 14 weeks (Saturdays.)
  • Infrastructure (for class of 20): 1 classroom, 20 student computers, 1 instructor computer, server/network environment, technical hardware infrastructure required for lab exercises, lab environment.
  • Staff: 1 Program Manager (0.25 FTE), 1 Recruiter (.5 FTE), Career Advisor (0.5 FTE), 1 Director of Training (0.10 FTE); Instructor (0.5 FTE.)
  • Marketing: outreach at Career Centers, CBOs, One-Stop Career Centers and other social service agencies; emails, flyers, advertising and word of mouth.


  • Corporations.
  • Foundations.
  • Government local.
  • State.
  • Federal
  • community college.
  • Other nonprofits.
  • Individuals.
  • Local business.

Source of Funding


  • Corporations.
  • Foundations.
  • Government.
    • Local (City/County.)
    • State.

Earned Income

  • Fees.
  • Other earned income.